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The Sargood Bequest makes grants under the following headings. You can apply under one heading only.

  • Children/Youth

  • Cultural

  • Educational

  • Environmental

  • Sports/Outdoor


The majority of grants made by the Sargood Bequest are under $5,000. The Trustees are more interested in projects to which funds are specifically targeted.

Contact may be made by the Trustees prior to, or after allocation of grants. Please provide sufficient details to assist the Trustees to make contact.

The Trustees Grants Meeting, at which all applications are considered, is usually held around March/April of the year following the application closing date of December 31st. Grants being made for the year under review are usually paid out sometime in May. No retrospective grants are made. This means that if the date of the event that you are requesting funding for has passed prior to review by the Trustees in March of the following year, that application is automatically unsuccessful.

Grant payments are now made by Direct Credit. Grant Payment Remittance Advices are processed via email/fax and post. To ensure speedy notification we need to know your details.


  • We encourage an accompanying Cover Letter, explaining in greater detail the nature of the application request.  

  • Please include at least one current quote for goods for which an application for funding is requested.  

  • Please provide budgets for whole or part projects as applicable to the application.  

  • Please identify if your application is for a part or whole funding grant.   

  • Give a brief account of any fundraising your organisation has achieved itself and the amount raised.  

  • Individuals are encouraged to outline the benefits to the wider community/society of a successful individual application grant.  

Note: The secretary/ administrator has no influence on the choice of applicants that gain funding through the Sargood Bequest. Spurious requests only increase administration costs and decrease funds available for distribution.

You can show your appreciation for the support you have received from the Sargood Bequest in a number of ways:

  • send us a thank you letter, some of which we feature on this site

  • mention our support in your communications

  • include our logo (download from PressKit) in your newsletter, brochure, promotions etc

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