Supporting you

Supporting you

An Environmental grant recipient
An Environmental grant recipient

The majority of grants made by the Sargood Bequest are under $5000.

The Trustees favour projects to which funds are specifically targeted. From time to time the trust also makes larger grants or pledges over a number of years, at the discretion of the trustees.

These larger pledges are made to individuals or organisations with a proven track record. The trustees look for effectively run organisations that promote ‘access’, ‘participation’ and ‘inspiration’.

The Sargood Bequest is a socially responsible entity with the following values and principles when making investments: 

  • Do no harm 
  • Active corporate participation 
  • Promote the common good. 

The Sargood Bequest will seek to avoid investing into companies that are involved in: 

  • Desecration of the environment 
  • Weapons manufacturers of cluster munitions, landmines, bio/chemical, nuclear 
  • Pornography 
  • Racial and gender discrimination 
  • Sweat shops / labour rights violations
  • Tobacco.


Wanaka Community House Charitable Trust 2016-20172016 - 2018$150,000
Tongariro National Trout Centre2009$50,000
Parent to Parent Manawatu2008 - 2009$10,000
Nicholas Brightwell | Website2011 - 2012$10,000
Arthurs Pass Alpine Bird Sanctuary | Website2011 - 2012$30,000
Queenstown Trails Trust | Website2013$25,000
Tongariro National Trout Centre | Website2013$25,000
Auckland Cathedral of the Holy Trinity | Website2013 - 2015$16,000
AFS Scholarship | Website2008 - 2015$136,875
Whangarei Art Museum Trust ( pledged 2013 ) | Website2013 - 2015$150,000