Original Sargood Trust Trustees:

The original 1939 trustees were board members Messrs D.A. Ewen, J.F. Ewen and G.Z. Lindsay, the directors of Sargood Son & Ewen.

SS&E Directors 1926

Sargood Bequest Trustees:

In October 1993 two longtime trustees of the Sargood Bequest retired which ushered in a new generation of trustees. Mr W.A. Ewen had been Finance Trustee and Mr R.S. Mills the Chairman for 22 years. Mrs J.S. Blennerhassett was appointed Chairwoman and oversaw the induction of the new trustees until her retirement in 2004. The Trustees serving before 1993 had guided the trust through its early ‘independent’ trust years, invested wisely and made many contributions throughout NZ society. These trustees were all direct descendents of the Ewen and Sargood families. By and large this tradition has endured.

Present Trustees:

There are currently five Sargood Bequest trustees who manage grant applications and decide upon allocation of funds. There are three Sargood Bequest Investment Trustees who collectively manage equity, property & fixed interest investments of the Sargood Bequest.

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